howdy folks. this is a continuation of our in-person campaign, only semi-online.

with the new neverwinter book out, i’d like it if everyone could pick one of the new themes from the book for their old character. the themes are:

Oghma’s Faithful: gifted with divine visions
Dead Rat Deserter: a former thieves’ guild member (human, half-elf, or halfling only)
Illyanbruen Guardian: an eladrin returned from Faerie (eladrin only)
Uthgardt Barbarian: A savage warrior seeking revenge (human only)
Pack Outcast: Cast out of a pack of werewolves (human or shifter only)
Heir of Delzoun: blood relative of ancient dwarf kings (dwarf only)
Devil’s Pawn: Marked by infernal powers
Bregan D’aerthe Spy: A drow mercenary (drow only)



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